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Mary Krikorian-Catering Coordinator

Phone: 501-315-4443


Dinner's Ready Express Catering

Phone: 501-315-4443
Address: 1305 Hot Springs Hwy., Ste. 101
Benton, Arkansas 72019

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Dinner's Ready Express Catering 501-315-4443


We are often asked what the key is to successfully preparing and delivering creative, mouthwatering meals. It’s really not that complicated. We are professional caterers, profession chefs, and professional bakers.  Catering is all we do.  We use fresh, quality ingredients and our team is dedicated to assuring your order arrives accurately, on-time, and by highly trained staff. That’s our promise that sets Dinner's Ready Express Catering apart.

Dinner's Ready Express Catering, 1305 Hot Springs Hwy., Ste. 101, Benton, AR  72019  | 501-315-4443

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